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Accepted Full papers

The program committee is pleased to announce that the following full papers have been accepted for presentation at DocEng 2007.

A Multi-format Variable Data Template Wrapper extending PODis PPML-T Standard
Fabio Giannetti

A Document Object Modeling Method to Retrieve Data from a Very Large XML Document
Seung Min Kim, Suk I. Yoo, Eunji Hong, Tae Gwon Kim, Il Kon Kim

Thresholding of Badly Illuminated Document Images through Photometric Correction
Shi jian Lu, Chew-Lim Tan

Logical Document Conversion: Combining Functional and Formal Knowledge
Hervé Déjean, Jean-Luc Meunier

An Efficient, Streamable Text Format for Multimedia Captions and Subtitles
Dick Bulterman, Pablo Cesar, Jack Jansen, Samuel Cruz-Lara

Automatic Float Placement in Multi-Column Documents
Kim Marriott, Peter Moulder, Nathan Hurst

A System for Understanding Imaged Infographics and Its Applications
Weihua Huang, Chew-Lim Tan

Editing with Style
Vincent Quint, Irene Vatton

Authors vs. Readers: A Comparative Study of Document Metadata and Content in the WWW
Michael Noll, Christoph Meinel

Elimination of Junk Document Surrogate Candidates through Pattern Recognition
Eunyee Koh, Daniel Caruso, Andruid Kerne, Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna

Towards Automatic Document Migration: Semantic Preservation of Embedded Queries
Thomas Triebsees, Uwe Borghoff

A Document Engineering Environment for Clinical Guidelines
Gersende Georg, Marie-Christine Jaulent

A Model for Mapping between Printed and Digital Document Instances
Nadir Weibel, Moira Norrie, Beat Signer

Genre Driven Multimedia Document Production by means of Incremental Transformation
Marc Nanard, Jocelyne Nanard, Peter King, Ludovic Gaillard

The Mars Project PDF in XML
Matthew Hardy

XML Version Detection
Deise Saccol, Nina Edelweiss, Renata Galante, Carlo Zaniolo

Extracting Reusable Document Components for Variable Data Printing
Steven Bagley, David Brailsford, James Ollis

Complete, detailed DocEng program will be available at a later date