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Accepted Short papers

The program committee is pleased to announce that the following short papers have been accepted for presentation at DocEng 2007.

Data Model and Architecture of a Paper-Digital Document Management System
Kosuke Konishi, Naohiro Furukawa, Hisashi Ikeda

A New Tsallis Entropy-Based Thresholding Algorithm for Images of Historical Documents
Carlos Mello

Approximating Text by Its Area
Nathan Hurst, Kim Marriott

Filtering Product Reviews from Web Search Results
Tun Thura Thet

Structure and Content Analysis for HTML Medical Articles: A Hidden Markov Model Approach
Jie Zou, Daniel Le, George Thoma

Mapping paradigm for document transformation
Arnaud Blouin, Olivier Beaudoux

SALT: A semantic approach for generating document representations
Tudor Groza, Alexander Schutz, Siegfried Handschuh

Preserving the aesthetics during non-fixed aspect ratio scaling of the digital border
Hui Chao, Prasad Gabbur, Anthony Wiley

Declarative Extensions of XML Languages
Simon Thompson, Peter King, Patrick Schmitz

Timed-fragmentation of SVG documents to control the playback memory usage
Cyril Concolato, Jean Le Feuvre, Jean-Claude Moissinac

Endless Documents: A Publication as a Continual Function
John Lumley, Roger Gimson, Owen Rees

Combination of Transformation and Schema Languages Described by a Complete Formal Semantics
Catherine Pugin, Rolf Ingold

VDP Templates With Theme-Driven Layer Variants
Royston Sellman

Exclusion-Inclusion based text Categorization of biomedical articles
Nadia Zerida, Nadine Lucas, Bruno Crémilleux

Speculative Document Evaluation
Alexander Macdonald, David Brailsford, Steven Bagley, John Lumley

Adapting Associative Classification to Text Categorization
Baoli Li, Neha Sugandh, Ernest V. Garcia, Ashwin Ram

Complete, detailed DocEng program will be available at a later date